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Post Posted November 27th, 2002, 9:41 am

how can i clear out the data that is remembered for forms for certain pages? should i just delete the 'formhistory.dat' file and *sigh* start all over with the forms?

how can i select which sites/forms remember the data and which do not? and don't say 'just click NO or NEVER FOR THIS SITE when the message about storing form data comes up' because it doesn't always come up, especially when the form field is a search box
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Along the same lines, does someone know how to turn form completion completely off (like able to do under moz preferences (not listed as a pref in Phoenix)) ? Thanks


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I'm slowly getting tired of always answering the same questions over and over... The combined password/form manager called Satchel is not yet ready, it's targeted for Pheonix 0.6. Search Bugzilla for "satchel", component "Phoenix".


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