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I just joined the group, so forgive me if what I'm about to ask has been asked a zillion times already.

I have a problem e-mailing from Mozilla. When I try to send an e-mail, or even reply to an incoming e-mail I get an error message saying " relaying messages to AOL (or whoever) is not permitted."

What do I need to change to overcome this problem?

The only way I can send e-mails to go back to my ntl home page and use their webmail

Regards and thanks.
Peter Cole.

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Seems like a problem with your provider not allowing you to send e-mail through their SMTP-server. I think you should contact your provider or the firm that runds your SMTP server (which should be one and the same in most cases).


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Which SMTP server do you use to send mail. It appears that your "from" Address and the server domain don't match.

One question: Do you send email to someone at AOL, or did you by any chance use Netscape 7 to get your AOL email and the settings are still there.

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