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Finally got tired of spending more time making sure I was safe from email worms, et al than using email and switched to Thunderbird and Lotus Organizer.

My problem is when in Organizer.
I have a contact displayed and I click on the icon to compose a message.
Organizer displays a message saying it cannot resolve the address to my default email prog.
A standard Thunderbird email compose window appears.
I then have to copy and paste the email address from the contact record to the To: field.
Thunderbird is set as my default email prog.
This is a major PITA.

I've tried re-installing each program without success. I work in Organizer quite a bit and constantly synchronizing address books is not an appealing option. Any ideas?

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Post Posted April 8th, 2004, 10:03 am

I guess there isn't a solution. After 2 months of this I went back to Outlook. At least it works. All I have to do is keep AV and patches current.

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Just in case someone reaches here (like myself) searching in Google for a solution to this problem: the way for fixing it is to set the Lotus Organizer options for mail and planning to "default mail program" and then choose "Thurderbird" as the default mail program in Windows.

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