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yeah, i know tabs exist and whatnot, but i want to open mutlple copies of phoenix, and it wont let me (under linux). I've come to prefer phoenix from using under windows, which makes me want to use it under linux, but i hate being presented with that annoying window asking me to make a new profile.
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Perhaps I am not understanding exactly what you are asking but you can choose "New Window" from under the File menu in phoenix just as easily as under mozilla. Are you looking for a way for phoenix to start up automagically with multiple windows open?


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i think what he means is that the linux version doesn't like having multiple instances of phoenix open at once. ("i think")


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To open multiple windows, use the -remote command line option. If you on the other hand want to have multiple Phoenix processes using the same profile, I think you're lost. This still has the potential to corrupt your profile, hence the dialog.

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You should probably just get used to using 'Ctrl+N' to open new windows or place the New Window icon on one of your toolbars. But, being Linux, you can start Phoenix via a script that compensates for what you're looking for. See bug 177966
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thanks for your help
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#checks to see if phoenix is running allready
TEST=`ps -ax | grep phoenix | grep usr | grep sh | grep lib | awk '{print $1}'`

if test "$TEST" = ""
        echo -e "Phoenix is not already started - Starting new"
        export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME="/usr/lib/phoenix/lib/mozilla-1.2b"

        #because phoenix is running any call to mozilla wil then be phoenix, this makes it so you are not asked about the profile of running 2 phoenixes, so you can click on your phonix icon many times.
        echo -e "Phoenix is started - running mozilla insted"
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