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I need someone's help badly - I've tried and's help forums to no avail!

I am having trouble playing movies in Quicktime (screen just sits saying that I must 1st install Quicktime - which I have!).

The 2nd problem is that I cannot play Java based online games with Mozilla. I am keen on making the transition to Mozilla from IE 5.1 due to it's immense speed and built in pop up blocker, but this is ruining it for me. Please help - I am running Mac OS 9.2 on a Powerbook G3. The latest Mozilla browser I am running is 1.2b.

I await your help - I'm losing too much hair!


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are you sure you need Quicktime to watch Tech TV's shows ? I just tried watching one of their shows and it said thy are using Windows Media. Still, it should not say that you need Quicktime if it is already installed. Have you checked if the plugin for Mozilla is installed, as well (type about:plugins in the address bar).

As for Java Online Games - which Java version are you using?

Gunnar - The Mozilla Help Site

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