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Hi! A friend has been using Thunderbird to access two SBC Global email accounts for a few years now. Today, he gets a "server error" when trying to receive email from one of the two email accounts. Both accounts use POP3 for incoming mail.

At first, I thought it was the OAuth2 changes Yahoo! has been rolling out that caused the problem. So, I guided him down the path of converting his accounts to use OAuth2. For this one particular account, OAuth2 was available as an option for the POP3 server ( but it was NOT available as an option for the SMTP server (

I believe he's using Thunderbird 78 (but I'm not sure of the minor version information and I'll get that today).

For now, my question is: why would OAuth2 be available for the POP3 server ( but not available for the SMTP server (

Thanks in advance!


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