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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20191213

The first official 20191214 NIGHTLY builds are out
.The official Firefox 72 Beta 7 builds are not yet out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20191213 (Fx 73.0a1)
Previous BETA: 20191213 (Fx 72.0b6)

Mozilla Autoland Builds
Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA
Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA

    NIGHTLY +58
  1. #1603843 [Core:Canvas: WebGL]-Viewing a CloudApp screen recording does not work in Firefox [Uns]
  2. #1596784 [Core:DOM: Content Processes]-Support SetTimeout deferral during load in Fission [Uns]
  3. #1603871 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Minor nsDocumentViewer cleanup. [Uns]
  4. #1603313 [Core:DOM: Core & HTML]-Various minor cleanups. [Uns]
  5. #1556976 [Core:DOM: Events]-Zooming with ctrl-wheel_scroll works on text but not other areas inside a button [Uns]
  6. #1599256 [Core:DOM: Security]-Cannot log into [Uns]
  7. #1602483 [Core:DOM: Security]-CheckLoadURI failures should be reported to the web console as needed [Uns]
  8. #1600883 [Core:DOM: Security]-Enable Feature Policy allow attribute and permission delegation by default [Uns]
  9. #1602090 [Core:DOM: Security]-Report CheckMayLoad errors to the web console, not just the browser console [Uns]
  10. #1603621 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Expose partial present usage to about:support [Uns]
  11. #1595768 [Core:Graphics: WebRender]-Investigate why we rasterize glyphs so often [Uns]
  12. #1603708 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Don't track property types for ListObject [All]
  13. #1601698 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Make LazyScriptCreationData owned by FunctionCreationData [Uns]
  14. #1603406 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Remove some unused functions in js/src/vm [Uns]
  15. #1559385 [Core:JavaScript: GC]-Investigate tidying up StackGCCellPtr [Uns]
  16. #1603665 [Core:Layout: Text and Fonts]-nsFontFaceUtils::MarkDirtyForFontChange spends too much time doing string conversion [Uns]
  17. #1577084 [Core:Layout]-fission iframes that are scrolled far out of view and not painted or visible are set to active [Uns]
  18. #1439659 [Core:MFBT]-MOZ_LITTLE_ENDIAN and MOZ_BIG_ENDIAN should be function-like macros [Uns]
  19. #1598575 [Core:Networking: DNS]-DNS search suffix list is not being parsed by Firefox if set via gpedit [Win]
  20. #1603280 [Core:Panning and Zooming]-division by zero in src/gfx/layers/apz/src/AsyncPanZoomController.cpp:3377 [Uns]
  21. #1601983 [Core:Printing: Setup]-Print preview is broken after making any settings changes [Uns]
  22. #1593246 [Core:Storage: localStorage & sessionStorage]-Make current session storage implementation Fission-compatible [Uns]
  23. #1598923 [Core:WebRTC: Signaling]-Investigate the SDP parsing failure in wpt RTCTrackEvent-fire.html [Uns]
  24. #1603524 [Core:WebVR]-FxR PC Preview UI tweaks [Uns]
  25. #1603573 [Core:Widget: Cocoa]-Remove "context" function from JS TouchBarInputs [Uns]
  26. #1603419 [Core:Widget: Gtk]-[Linux] Cache GetCSDDecorationSize() results to be faster [Uns]
  27. #1603577 [Core:Widget: Gtk]-[Linux] Remove logging from ApplySizeConstraints/UpdateOpaqueRegion [Uns]
  28. #1603579 [Core:Widget: Gtk]-[Linux] Use DevicePixelsToGdkCoordRoundUp() to calculate un-scaled coordinates [Uns]
  29. #1603565 [Core:Widget: Gtk]-[Linux] When system titlebar is disabled on HiDPI/X11, content menu is misplaced [Uns]
  30. #1603153 [Core:XPCOM]-Crash in [@ PR_GetThreadID | mozilla::UntrustedModulesProcessor::Enqueue] [Win]
  31. #1602974 [DevTools:Console]-Perma tier 2 devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser/browser_webconsole_reverse_search.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: Error in asyncStorage.setItem(): devtools/shared/async-storage.js:108:17 [Uns]
  32. #1592720 [DevTools:Debugger]-Enable WatchPoints in all channels [Uns]
  33. #1603366 [DevTools:Framework]-Cleanup Omniscient Browser Toobox strings and messages [Uns]
  34. #1602709 [DevTools:Framework]-Remove DebuggerClient.close onClosed parameter [Uns]
  35. #1602769 [DevTools:Framework]-Remove DebuggerClient.connect onConnected param [Uns]
  36. #1603698 [DevTools:General]-Omniscient Browser Toolbox error when closing a tab "this._stopThreadFrontListeners is not a function" [Uns]
  37. #1602371 [DevTools:General]-Simplify DevTools LocalTabTargetFront [Uns]
  38. #1598893 [DevTools:Inspector: Rules]-Devtools incorrectly says that grid properties don't apply to abspos descendant [Uns]
  39. #1603666 [DevTools:Netmonitor]-Attempts to display blocked resources with no blocking reason leak [Uns]
  40. #1579178 [DevTools:Responsive Design Mode]-Handle full-page zooming for embedded RDM UI [Uns]
  41. #1603126 [DevTools:Shared Components]-Properly reject in async-storage.js [Uns]
  42. #1603690 [Firefox Build System:Source Code Analysis]-ScriptLoader.cpp: redundant return statement at the end of a function with a void return type [Uns]
  43. #1603409 [Firefox Build System:Source Code Analysis]-error: definition of implicit copy constructor for '...' [-Werror,-Wdeprecated-copy] [Uns]
  44. #1588780 [Firefox:Address Bar]-Address bar vertical expansion covers the contextual identities (containers) tab underline color [Uns]
  45. #1603437 [Firefox:Address Bar]-Make UrlbarInput::trimValue private [All]
  46. #1603780 [Firefox:Address Bar]-expandTextOnFocus pref disappeared from about:config [All]
  47. #1603457 [Firefox:Bookmarks & History]-History Sidebar view mode is initialized when update today's Nightly [Win]
  48. #1603291 [Firefox:Bookmarks & History]-PlacesTreeView.nodeMoved is handling reselection inefficiently [Uns]
  49. #1602173 [Firefox:General]-Capture attempts to load content from outside the ssb and redirect them to the main browser [Uns]
  50. #1603787 [Firefox:General]-Launching a site specific browser logs "Invalid string label" to the console [Uns]
  51. #1602184 [Firefox:General]-Support updating a SSB's manifest after creation [Uns]
  52. #1602176 [Firefox:General]-When available load a site's manifest and use its scope property [Uns]
  53. #1601670 [Firefox:Messaging System]-Test Snippets do not generate telemetry events for any interactions if triggered via AS router [All]
  54. #1601127 [Firefox:Normandy Client]-Skew on-sync recipe runs to avoid crushing servers [Uns]
  55. #1601256 [Firefox:Site Permissions]-privateBrowsingId is added to the link in Settings - Autoplay in Preferences [All]
  56. #1565597 [Toolkit:Startup and Profile System]-Cannot Start multiple Profiles [Uns]
  57. #1603746 [Toolkit:Telemetry]-Pingsender's fallback destination validator misuses `find_first_of` [Uns]
  58. #1586612 [WebExtensions:Compatibility]-Web Extension tabs.onUpdated event incorrectly fired before tabs.onCreated [All]

    Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:
  1. #1603455 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Remove some always-on / always-off prefs. [Uns]
  2. #1502355 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Implement ReadableStream.prototype.pipeTo and pipeThrough [Uns]
  3. #1592427 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-[jsdbg2] Debugger.Objects for promises should provide reaction records [All]
  4. #1577202 [Core:Storage: IndexedDB]-Assertion failure: mDirectoryLock, at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/indexedDB/ActorsParent.cpp:12589 [Uns]
  5. #1600906 [Core:Storage: IndexedDB]-Reduce state in dom/indexedDB classes [Uns]

    Beta 6 -> Beta 7 Changelog +11
  1. #1602366 [Core:DOM: Content Processes]-Crash in [@ mozilla::ipc::IPDLParamTraits<T>::Write | mozilla::ipc::WriteIPDLParam<T> | mozilla::dom::PContentChild::SendWindowClose] [Win]
  2. #1599783 [Core:Layout]-Drop-down displayed in wrong position from Privacy & Security -> Enhanced Tracking Protection [All]
  3. #1599816 [Core:Networking: DNS]-Requests are being handled via TRR while connected to a PPTP VPN server [Win]
  4. #1602502 [Core:Networking: WebSockets]-Firefox beta 72.0b4 closes websocket connection with a code:1006 and an empty reason [Uns]
  5. #1601992 [Core:WebRTC: Networking]-Crash in [@ shutdownhang | mdns_service::mdns_service_stop] [Win]
  6. #1569868 [DevTools:Accessibility Tools]-Inspect Accessibility Properties doesn't focus accessibility tree [Uns]
  7. #1592858 [DevTools:Accessibility Tools]-Right-click "Inspect Accessibility Properties" doesn't scroll Accessibility view [Uns]
  8. #1602516 [DevTools:Accessibility Tools]-The DOMNode key for the property in the properties panel, is now called nodeFront. [Uns]
  9. #1601911 [DevTools:Console]-WebConsole throws when trying to access Timing panel in network message detail [Uns]
  10. #1601714 [Firefox:New Tab Page]-Capitalize 'p' in "Recommended by Pocket" [All]
  11. #1598717 [Toolkit:Password Manager]-Hide the "Firefox will save this password for this website" text when we wouldn't auto-save due to an existing login [All]

Nightly 73 fixes since 20191202 (Gecko 72) ~580
Beta 72 fixes since 20191021 (Gecko 71) ~1824

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