What file contains uBlockOrigin options

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I am unable to post to their reddit support account, so I ask this question here.

Refreshed Firefox yesterday and forgot to back up my ublockOriginal data. I am want to move the file into the new profile if possible.
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If the ublock origin settings you want are in a functional profile, click the ublock shield icon, then the 3 balls icon for settings, the 4th in the row of 4 under the big power button. In there, you should start on the settings page I think and there is "back up to file" and restore buttons at the bottom of the settings page. Those will create a file of settings you can restore to another profile.


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I see that Settings Tab, My Filters, My Rules, and White List have Bkup or Export links which I Presume Import would restore as needed.

It's in the - Filter Lists Tab - toward bottom -- MultiPurpose 1/4 -- that clarification would be great (ie) Only Peter Lowe's List is Chk'd --- and MVP HOSTS, hpHOSTS, and Dan Pollocks HOSTS show "Out-of-Date" WHEN you chk them and hover over the orange triangle.
ARE these usable/Desirable at all as is --- OR desirable after doing What?
Seems odd that they're there but imply Don't Use when chk'd.
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Refreshed Firefox yesterday

if you dont have deleted the folder on your desktop with the backup of refreshed profile you can restore its content and export uBo settings and start over. ... d-settings

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