How secure are saved passwords ?

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Just a general query. I know I can look at saved my passwords - in fact this has saved me a load of hassle recently.. but are these passwords encryped in any way within TB ? If for example a third party were able to get hold of a copy of the profile file, would they be able to easily extrct all my email passwords ?

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If you have no master password set, anyone with access to your computer can get your passwords. If you have a master password, they are encrypted and reasonably safe. Unless the issue in this article has been fixed, someone knowledgeable could hack them if they have a powerful graphics card. ... ot-bother/ Note that your locally saved emails are not encrypted in any way, so anyone with access to your computer can get them.


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The passwords are not stored encrypted unless you set a master password. However, there seem to be plenty of articles/programs to crack Firefox and Thunderbird master passwords. See ... rd-5350375 for example.

See ... ile_-_mail for some stronger alternatives.

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