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Hello! I have a problem with my mz thunderbird. I have a pop3 account so I decided to change the protocol on imap. Unfortunetaly When I disable the pop3 account and add a new imap account. Thunderbird after the first reboot of my os removes another account on my mz thunderbird. Any ideas how to fix this issue?


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What version of Thunderbird?
Have you confirmed that the profile folder ( ) is not set as read only in the OS?
How are you disabling that POP account?
Are you running Ccleaner or any similar system clean up utility?

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The version of mz thunderbird is 60.8.0. My OS has the full access to this folder. I disable the account by this set of steps: ... nderbird-3 and I don't use apps like CCleaner etc. I have no idea what the reason is this issue.

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Don't disable the POP account by your method, just copy the existing mail to Local Folders, Remove the POP account, and add it as an IMAP account: ... AP_account

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