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Dear friendes,

in Firefox Support (Firefox 67, multiple user profiles, FF 66 behaviour) we have a discussion about, why don't use generally firefox the only one running instance to create a new tab as a response to an external request?

I will explain my environment. Working with windows 10 on a computer in a common space. Normally the people use the static installed FF, now 67. I work general with PortableApps with FF67 and Thunderbird and others.

First i start the portable version. Then, before, i can create an new tab for an external request to get and draw a site. Today, firefox start the static default FF-instance. In the windows preference for browser now i have two entries. Why, i don't understand.

My question is, how i can workaround this new FF action? What can i do as a simple user to get the FF66 method? Reinstall the old FF66 in both forms, static and portable and wait for a possible change in FF67?

I would be very thankful for a constructive answer.

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you are posting in "bugs" - as i cited this is NO bug, this is by design.
maybe you should stay here viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3050319 because it gets unclear when posting into several threads for the same issue.


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Locking as a duplicate of viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3050319

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