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The following code doesn't work in Firefox on bookmarks Toolbar but works in chrone (Add page)

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javascript:(function(){ var e,s; IB=1; function isDigit(c) { return ("0" <= c && c <= "9") } L = location.href; LL = L.length; for (e=LL-1; e>=0; --e) if (isDigit(L.charAt(e))) { for(s=e-1; s>=0; --s) if (!isDigit(L.charAt(s))) break; break; } ++s; if (e<0) return; oldNum = L.substring(s,e+1); newNum = "" + (parseInt(oldNum,10) + IB); while (newNum.length < oldNum.length) newNum = "0" + newNum; location.href = L.substring(0,s) + newNum + L.slice(e+1); })();


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Moving to Firefox Support.


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Is there any error message in the Browser Console? ... er_Console


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Works on my end.
Increments the "digit" in a URL.
May or may not be meaningful, depending on the page you're on.

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Each time you click the bookmarklet, the "bih=" number increments.
Now what the "bih=" number signifies, no idea, but the number does change (though the actual page contents do not - though you will see a "refresh").

Now other extensions, setting may interfere.
NoScript does - unless you Allow the site you're running the bookmarklet on.
10: Bookmarklets Don't Work unless Site is Allowed

In the good old days, there used to be an extension, URL Flipper.
Alas, that ship has sailed.
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