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I just found out something odd about firefox and would like to see if someone can explain why it connects to

How it all started...

I just had an crash with firefox and thought, oh well just start it again.
Then I see by the looks of the cursor windows is doing something, but firefox won't start.
I checked the task manager > processes list and it started but no new taskbar icon and the memory was very low like 3-4MB.
I killed it and tried to start in safe mode with the -safe-mode tag, it results in the same thing, it starts the process and it stalls.
Same for the -profilemanager tag.

I then got the latest version of firefox and installed it over the old on.
Which apparently did nothing since I still got the same results, it won't start.

I uninstalled en reinstalled which also didnt help and moved my old profile over so it would create a new one which still did not allow firefox to start.

I then renamed firefox.exe to firefox2.exe and it started all fine.

I know I have firefox.exe proxified via a program called Proxifier (
I saw in proxifier that firefox was trying to connect to at some random ports.
Which I thought was strange, then I loaded up Process Explorer ( and checked the TCP/IP part of the firefox and saw it was was trying to connect to
Which I have in my HOSTS file for some reason...

Hence proxifier was connecting to my localhost and thus stalled firefox.
But why does it have to connect to in the first place?
If it's because of a plugin from adobe, shouldn't it be disabled when I run the firefox safe mode.

I've been using proxifier + my current HOSTS file for a long time why is this the first time I'm having troubles with it.
I know firefox was bugging me with a new update but I'm pretty sure I said "Not now".

If someone can enlight, please do, thanks!

Running Windows 7 with Firefox 3.6.7

Omega X

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Post Posted February 10th, 2010, 5:03 pm

Firefox showing that entry connecting to depends on which entry you have first on the HOSTS list. Put something above that line and it will display that HOSTS entry instead. is one of Adobe's DRM listening domains.

Firefox not starting might be an Addon or Profile corruption. Have you tried Safe Mode?

Also see this:
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Post Posted February 10th, 2010, 11:22 pm

verbat1m wrote:If it's because of a plugin from adobe, shouldn't it be disabled when I run the firefox safe mode.

Plugins aren't disabled in Firefox safe mode, just extensions and themes.

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I didn't want to dig this out, but I noticed it while fixing a persons hosts file. So maybe it will be useful to someone searching in the future.

The hosts file is read alphabetically. So, anything you read network traffic with, which resolves the host name (i.e. processhacker/processexplorer), it's going to show you a domain you have pointing to your localhost (, etc) which is the first in the alphabet tree, regardless. So, if you put:

Code: Select all

In your hosts file, that name will come up first, unless you have a domain pointing to your localhost with an ascii character (-) first.

To reiterate: if any domain points to your localhost ip in your hosts file, the domain in your host file that will be shown in any resolver will be the one which is at the top of the alphabet. That's why you get even though that probably isn't what it's trying to connect to. If you don't want to see the domain name, don't resolve the ips and you'll get, etc.


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