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I have 6 windows and linux computers synced together. The bookmarks got corrupted on all of the computers by Xmarks before it ended. I have removed one computer from sync and corrected all of the bookmarks. How do I use this computer to correct all of the other computers? (I will backup the corrected bookmarks first!) Do I first delete all of the bookmarks on the computers that are not correct before I connect them back to sync?


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Your last line is exactly what you do. I did that after Xmarks ended too. Save/export your bookmarks from the one computer you want to use for all. Then deleted all bookmarks from all computers. Make sure you sync all of them afterwards before importing your bookmarks, or you can have some weird things happen. If after deleting, and syncing, you still have no bookmarks on any computers then you can import them to one computer. Sync that computer, and then go to each other computer to sync. You should end up with all computers exactly the same. I did that for four of my PCs, and two android phones, and all are syncing perfectly.
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