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Post Posted November 3rd, 2018, 9:08 am

Reading this from long time users:
LoveMyFoxy wrote: dfoulkes: "You know, if any other manufacture of a product did what Moz did... they would be out of business... my take anyway"
Microsoft is still in business and thriving.
It's the extensions that keep me from updating. Custom Buttons is totally impossible in WebEx. :( :(
Are you sure some of your extensions don't have substitutes with other names?

dfoulkes wrote:RE: ... your post about Microsoft... yeah, but with new versions they didn't 'take away' what the user had set up... they just added more useless crap to the OS and other products. I had about 20 perfectly running extensions including Custom Buttons (a great addon) ... and 18 of those exts. got disabled... In the big picture is OK that Moz did the release to kill off all those exts. but the issue as I see it is that for many years they promoted Firefox as being able to install extensions that would provide the user with tools to make the end-product as 'they the user' wanted it... and that is what I had. But, in producing the new Firefox Moz basically said... all that is gone now... tough luck... because it seems that they did not take the time or effort to ensure that their prior marketing-talk of good extensions got developed prior to the release of Quantum.

It's easy to be disgruntled when someone changes how things work.
I have been disappointed too but due to a lack of information and experience have stayed with the new as presented versions of Firefox, though helpfully modified somewhat by the various Linux distros, and search out changes which are in line with a simple setup. I put some css code in the userChrome file to move the toolbar and tabs but other wise most of my changing things has come from inside about:config.

Most recently I found the activity-stream. xpi removed from features folder where it would reside after an update. Normally I would, before opening Firefox, dump them all with one or two exceptions but found the activity stream extension had disappeared.
Refreshing memory and the general dislike for the nine or so sponsored tabs which we were inflicted with it was surprising to see controls for this moved into the activity stream section of about:config. Before, on previous Firefox versions, you could remove by simply making some simple changes and newtab page was not an issue, apparently Mozilla decided it might get away with this useless and unwanted appendage by hiding it in about:config in the activity stream stream section. Up until 62.0.3 or however your software numbers things it could be dealt with by removing the xpi file and making sure it was inactive in about:config, you now have to do a good deal more editing and wonder whether something will be broken by doing so. They've also added a pocket items in the same list.

You have to ask, who is Mozilla listening to when it makes these changes.

PS: Posted here as i didn't want to derail the original thread in support,
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Post Posted November 4th, 2018, 7:48 am

Without meaningful extensions, what is the point?

And then after that, you have to get into (the lack of) trust.

So until what I have available gets to a point where it is no longer feasible to use, you know where I'm at.
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