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For those in the UK, ITV is is one of the main terrestial channels, aka Channel 3. But its catch-up service, ITV Hub will not play in Seamonkey. It's sister browser Firefox has no issues, and has an option for DRM support, which Seamonkey appears not to have. I suspect this might be at the heart of the problem, except Seamonkey plays all the other terrestial channel, BBC1, 2, Ch 4, and Ch 5 without any problem. I don't really want to switch to Firefox just occasionally to use ITV Hub.

Anyone experienced the same issue with ITV Hub w. Seamonkey and found a solution?

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Post Posted August 2nd, 2018, 11:32 am

bendipa wrote:found a solution?

There isn't one. SeaMonkey doesn't use DRM (and will not, sadly) -

Channel 5, incidentally, also needs DRM to work. Hardly the end of the world to use Firefox for just this.
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