Firefox for Android: how to keep the opened tabs in memory?

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Hi. I'm using the latest Firefox on my Android phone. There's one very annoying issue: if I select other apps or even other tabs, the actual content of the existing tabs is erased form memory, so everytime I select them again they are refreshed - wasting my time and bandwidth. Is there a secret setting in about:config to make the tabs keep their content until I close them?


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I have a similar problem, except that all of my opened tabs and their back history suddenly delete without warning. This has happened several times now, even before upgrading to Oreo. I am currently running Android Oreo and the latest version of Firefox Beta for Android.

I often have about 72 tabs open. When I open Firefox they are all there. Then the button box at the top right of the browser which shows 72 tabs suddenly stops spinning in decreasing numbers fast. When it stops spinning, I still have 72 tabs listed, but all of them ar blank. Hitting the back button does nothing. The tab data is lost.

The history page shows all of the most recently visited sites, but only for a very limited period. I've lost days or weeks of research each time this happens.

Alternatively, Chrome retains my history running back in years, not days. And Chrome does not clear my tab history. To retain access to my research history, I am now using Chrome, but I want to be using Firefox. Is there anyway to keep Firefox from deleting my tab history?

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