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Post Posted July 9th, 2018, 11:43 pm

Is there any way to make URL-box longer in URL-bar?

Because i have lots of extension icons, my URL-box is really short.


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Post Posted July 10th, 2018, 3:39 am

If you have unnecessary spaces or icons on the bar, remove them.
Move your icons elsewhere.
You can move them to the Title bar or to the Bookmarks toolbar (that does actually look to work fairly well).
(But then too, you need to actually have those items, display, which FF does not do, by default. [I wonder why they even give you the option?])

(Imagine if there happened to be a bar at the bottom of the browser window. Perhaps called a "status" bar. That could be a logical place to put extension icons. OK, so I am a dreamer... sigh.)
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My url bar for Fx is way too long! But then I have a 24" wide screen monitor. You would think browsers and Thunderbird would be able to cope properly with wide screen monitors by now as they are not some new fangled notion! I don't have as much space as I need for my icons and many refuse to go to the status bar. Luckily, I am using Fx 52.9 ESR and have CTR so I can shorten the address bar with it since Stylish won't do it now (even though I have an OLD version which is still working...not the one Mozilla just banned) and since Stylus is a WebE extension it cannot change the length of the address bar even in an older version of Fx. where user changes of the UI is allowed.

Don't know what I will do come September and Fx 52.9 ESR goes unsupported. :(

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Post Posted July 10th, 2018, 6:05 am

I don't have bookmarks bar and moving to title bar hides some tabs. :-(

So there is not any way to force url box to be longer?

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Post Posted July 10th, 2018, 9:19 am

Try the following tweaks in the userChrome.css file.

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#urlbar-container { min-width: 300px !important; }

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#urlbar-container { min-width: 600px !important; }

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#urlbar-container { min-width: 900px !important; }

You can use the browser toolbox to determine the best width.


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Post Posted July 10th, 2018, 10:33 am

In userChrome.css

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  max-width: 700px !important;
  min-width: 700px !important;

You can change the width until you get the desired result.

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whats the problem using the overflow menu? :roll: ... d-toolbars


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Post Posted July 12th, 2018, 2:58 pm

You can squish the buttons closer together and hide the Page Actions area until hovered as a method to show the maximum address area:

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Nice tweak.

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