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Download this ... _woZq666Ls
Use a word processor to open the .reg for LibreOffice do a CTRL+H to open Find & Replace then find all D:\setups and D:\\setups and replace all D:\setups and D:\\setups respectively with your directory.

On my second drive D: i have a folder named setups where i keep all the software i might use in the future. I created the same folder structure as the Portable Thunderbird version so the installer will generate the correct registry path to files then used RegSeeker to export all registry entries with the name Thunderbird.

Note: I couldn't import the .reg in Windows 10 1709.
Note2: The path that should be kept the same with the portable version in order to export the registry keys is \ThunderbirdPortable\App\Thunderbird\
Note3: After importing the .reg you ll have to go to Settings--->Apps---> Default apps and under Email now you can select Thunderbird.



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Thanks for sharing that information. However, that is a 10,337 line registry file! That is very risky for anybody to try to use. I had expected something like a 2 dozen line file , the normal version of Thunderbird doesn't modify the windows registry much. Completely uninstall Thunderbird is old and might not be complete but gives a good overview of what registry keys are modified/created by Thunderbird. Where Windows 10 stores default email app in its registry is also useful. suggests clicking on tools -> options -> advanced -> general -> system integration -> "check now" if you just want to make Portable Thunderbird the default email program.

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If you have full access to the computer, here is another solution.

1. Install (regular) Thunderbird on the computer. Make it the default email application.

2. When you work, if Portable Thunderbird is already open, links (in Firefox, Chrome, Word, etc.) will see that Thunderbird is the default email application... and will use the open Portable Thunderbird to send email.
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