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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20180524

The first official 20180525 NIGHTLY builds are out
The Official Firefox 61 Beta 8 builds are out

Previous NIGHTLY: 20180524 (Fx 62.0a1)
Previous BETA: 20180522 (Fx 61.0b7)

Mozilla Inbound Builds
Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA
Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA

    NIGHTLY +51
  1. #1463244
  2. #694735 [Cloud Services:Firefox Sync: Backend]-Sync: client includes default Accept header in API requests [All][[good first bug][lang=js][sync:scale]]
  3. #1461268 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-Disable AMD hybrid VP9 decoder [Uns][]
  4. #1451149 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-When using a MediaSource, media element shouldn't fire stalled events [Uns][]
  5. #1463978 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-"unreachable pattern" warning for background-attachment [Uns][]
  6. #1463687 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Have viewport uses scrollbar color properties on root element [Uns][]
  7. #1463511 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Remove some cruft from forms.css [Uns][]
  8. #1463170 [Core:DOM: Device Interfaces]-Web Authentication - Set AuthenticatorAssertionResponse.userHandle to null [All][[webauthn] [webauthn-interop]]
  9. #1463889 [Core:DOM]-Get rid of nsIDOMWindowCollection [Uns][]
  10. #1461321 [Core:DOM]-input.list should work in shadow DOM [Uns][]
  11. #1463981 [Core:Editor]-Remove nsIDOMNode usage in editor [Uns][]
  12. #1463327 [Core:Editor]-Reorganize scope of methods of EditorBase, TextEditor and HTMLEditor [All][]
  13. #1462411 [Core:Graphics: Layers]-Try to FlushAsyncPaints in ClientLayerManager::EndTransaction [Uns][[gfx-noted]]
  14. #1462642 [Core:Graphics]-[Wayland] eglChooseConfig fails on Wayland due to missing pbuffer support on Mesa EGL implementation [Lin][]
  15. #1462138 [Core:Internationalization]-Add a memory reporter for nsStringBundleService [Uns][[MemShrink]]
  16. #1463717 [Core:JavaScript Engine: JIT]-AttachFinishedCompilations is potentially inefficient for large numbers of compilations [Uns][]
  17. #1463501 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Assertion failure: !IsInsideNursery(cell), at js/src/jit/VMFunctions.cpp:695 [Lin][[fuzzblocker] [jsbugmon:]]
  18. #1463939 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-NativeIterator field style patrol [All][]
  19. #1463723 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Remove ubi::Census' reference to the atoms zone [Uns][]
  20. #1460787 [Core:Layout: Form Controls]-Assertion failure: aReflowInput.ComputedISize() != nscoord((1 << 30) - 1) (Should have a precomputed inline-size!), at src/layout/forms/nsFieldSetFrame.cpp:369 [Uns][]
  21. #1463752 [Core:Layout: Web Painting]-Optimize merging and flattening during ContainerState::ProcessDisplayItems() [Uns][]
  22. #1461954 [Core:Layout]-Fix nsBulletFrame's image request code. [Uns][]
  23. #1456625 [Core:Plug-ins]-Remove 'replacement' XBL binding (the pluginProblem UI that appears over links on a page) [Uns][]
  24. #1463901 [Core:Security: PSM]-BlockUntilLoadableRootsLoaded can block indefinitely if nsNSSComponent initialization fails at the wrong time [Uns][[psm-assigned]]
  25. #1461546 [Core:Security: Process Sandboxing]-Extend SANDBOX_HAS_USER_NAMESPACES telemetry past 60 [Lin][]
  26. #1463753 [Core:Widget: Gtk]-DnD tabs broken on today's Nightly for Linux [Lin][]
  27. #1464229 [Core:XPCOM]-Remove CPU-type attributes from MacOS X implementation of nsIProcess [Uns][]
  28. #1463893 [Core:XPCOM]-make nsThreadStartupEvent's destructor private [All][]
  29. #1459146 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Application Panel]-Application panel: wait until workers have been retrieved before rendering the UI [Uns][]
  30. #1463652 [Firefox:Developer Tools: CSS Rules Inspector]-Lazy load the sourceMapURLService from the rule editor [Uns][]
  31. #1463525 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Console]-Implement frontend for console.countReset() [Uns][]
  32. #1455750 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Debugger]-Provide method for server to skip pausing [Uns][]
  33. #1463481 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Debugger]-Update Debugger Frontend v58 [Uns][]
  34. #1455779 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Inspector]-3-Pane Inspector: Panels shrinked on the Side. [Uns][]
  35. #1463566 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Inspector]-Lazy load the inspector search [Uns][]
  36. #1458767 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Inspector]-Lazy require the HighlightersOverlay in the Inspector [Uns][]
  37. #1463555 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Inspector]-Queue adding the tabs to the inspector sidebar [Uns][]
  38. #1463026 [Firefox:Developer Tools]-DAMP regression on *.reload tests due to bug 1451592 [Uns][]
  39. #1463924 [Firefox:Developer Tools]-Remove Dev Edition promo [All][]
  40. #1460639 [Firefox:General]-Mozilla Firefox Nightly 62.0a1 (2018-05-10) always starts in windowed/non-maximized mode [Win][]
  41. #1451412 [Firefox:Preferences]-Use a documentFragment to build the site data list [Uns][[storage-v2]]
  42. #1464010 [Firefox:Site Identity and Permission Panels]-"Clear Cookies and Site Data" button label should end with ellipsis [All][]
  43. #1463956 [Firefox:Sync]-Address and CreditCard engines should implement the ability to wipe client data [Uns][]
  44. #1463624 [Firefox:Sync]-Items created between the first sync after creating an account and the browser shutting down are not synced. [Uns][]
  45. #1409208 [Firefox:Sync]-Provide users on disconnect an option to delete local data [Uns][[Sync Q2 2018 OKR] ]
  46. #1458022 [Firefox:Tabbed Browser]-Implement ability to close a selection of tabs [Uns][]
  47. #1455950 [Firefox:Theme]-"Learn more" links in arrow panels have very low contrast on dark themes [Uns][regression]
  48. #1424100 [Firefox:Theme]-Fix instructions font-color in synced tabs sidebar since low contrast and different from the others [All][]
  49. #1463685 [Firefox:Theme]-Investigate increasing the panel header font-weight [All][]
  50. #1455269 [Toolkit:Add-ons Manager]-Switching tabs while an install doorhanger is open breaks the install flow [All][]
  51. #1460321 [Toolkit:Blocklisting]-Migrate addons/plugins/gfx content-signature certificate to the main one [Uns][]

    Partial Landings/Diagnostic Patches:
  1. #1366287 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Implement BigInt [Uns][]
  2. #1461938 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Start using JS::Realm instead of JSCompartment [All][]
  3. #1460617 [Core:Security: PSM]-Upgrade Firefox 62 to use NSS 3.38 [All][[nss-uplift] [psm-assigned]]
  4. #1452666 [Firefox:Session Restore]-Navigations initiated by an extensions content script (with an expanded principal) cause error in nsISerializationHelper.serializeToString [Uns][]

    Beta 7 -> Beta 8 Changelog +24
  1. #1412882
  2. #1442722
  3. #1454285
  4. #1456189
  5. #1461293 [Core:Canvas: WebGL]-WebGL 2 TexStorage2D regression: texSubImage2D: The specified TexImage has not yet been specified. [All][]
  6. #1461285 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Some pages do not load correctly and resource usage increases. [Uns][]
  7. #1461181 [Core:DOM: Service Workers]-Crash in mozilla::dom::ClientHandle::Control [Uns][]
  8. #1457758 [Core:Graphics]-Crash in nvd3dumx_cfg.dll@0x9d471c [Win][[gfx-noted]]
  9. #1437334 [Core:Graphics: Layers]-Videos playback corruption when NV12 is enabled [Win][[gfx-noted]]
  10. #1457301 [Core:IPC]-Crash in mozilla::ipc::ProcessLink::SendMessage | IPC_Message_Name=PBrowser::Msg_AsyncMessage [Lin][]
  11. #1461407 [Core:IPC]-Figure out how to deal with serialized/deserialized principals that have become invalid [Uns][]
  12. #1462912 [Core:IPC]-permafail many crashes [@ mozilla::BufferList<InfallibleAllocPolicy>::Extract(mozilla::BufferList<InfallibleAllocPolicy>::IterImpl &,unsigned int,bool *)] on opt when Gecko 62 merges to Beta on 2018-06-14 [Uns][[stockwell fixed:product]]
  13. #1456512 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Assertion failure: !JS::CurrentThreadIsHeapCollecting(), at js/src/gc/Marking.cpp:3625 with grayRoots function [Lin][[jsbugmon:update]]
  14. #1462412 [Core:Layout: Web Painting]-Assertion failure: false (Duplicate display item!), at src/layout/painting/nsDisplayList.cpp:141 [Uns][]
  15. #1462477 [Core:Layout: Web Painting]-crash in [@ MergeState::HasMatchingItemInOldList] [Uns][]
  16. #1460838 [Core:Memory Allocator]-MOZ_ASSERT(base_mapped >= base_committed) @ MozJemalloc::jemalloc_stats [Uns][]
  17. #1463539 [Core:Security: PSM]-Upgrade Firefox 61 to use NSS 3.37.1 [All][]
  18. #1441187 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Accessibility Tools]-[Accessibility tool] "Accessible Information Unavailable" message is displayed when refreshing certain websites [Uns][]
  19. #1461912 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Accessibility Tools]-"Accessible Information Unavailable" message is displayed after enabling Accessibility Features [All][]
  20. #1463057 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Console]-Can't expand an object logged in a console.error call [Uns][]
  21. #1463724 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Debugger]-Update Debugger Frontend v45.2 [Uns][]
  22. #1460893 [Firefox:Normandy Client]-No telemetry event created when the recipe preference type doesn't match the Firefox preference type [All][]
  23. #1461805 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: Frontend]-New Tab notification should not be shown for partner builds [Uns][]
  24. #1420865 [Toolkit:WebExtensions: General]-web extension popup does not repaint [Win][]

Nightly 62 fixes since 20180507 (Gecko 61) ~753
Beta 61 fixes since 20180312 (Gecko 60) ~2640

Nightly Blog
Release Calendar
Release Tracking
MozRegression Guide
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The Tinsmith wrote:Thanks for the information but I am confused. Why do you think that is audio site uses Flash to play audion? I don't see any video anywhere??

A year ago I needed Flash for this to play, and I had to specifically give the site permission to run Flash.

However, based on your message, I uninstalled Flash and DAB still plays just fine. I'll leave Flash uninstalled until I hit a site where I need it.

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Mark12547 wrote:
The Tinsmith wrote:Thanks for the information but I am confused. Why do you think that is audio site uses Flash to play audion? I don't see any video anywhere??

A year ago I needed Flash for this to play, and I had to specifically give the site permission to run Flash.

However, based on your message, I uninstalled Flash and DAB still plays just fine. I'll leave Flash uninstalled until I hit a site where I need it.

This is good for you. Flash is a bad thing. Good that you can drop it. I wish I could. One site to go!! :-)

I forgot to mention that the Flash that is provide with with Microsoft Edge works just fine.


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Are they ever gonna fix the minimize/maximize bug? It's starting to get really annoying.
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Bug is marked fixed as of a few hours ago maybe the next build?
Edit: Latest update and it looks like the fix works
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from 20180524,
Virtual_ManPL wrote:FYI - I reported Bug 1464244 - Images in suspended background tabs will flicker/blink/flash in Mozilla Firefox Nightly 62.0a1. Did someone also experienced this issue?

Setting browser.tabs.remote.tabCacheSize to 0 seems to prevent the flickering.


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Firefox 61.0b8 is out.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:61.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/61.0 ID:20180524181234
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