How I stopped floating video in Firefox

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First way, put 'about:config' in the browser url and accept the caution. Then search for 'javascript' and mouse-click on it to toggle it off, reload the webpage if required and the floating video should be gone. Second way, get the javascript toggle toolbar button addon from firefox at ... t-toggler/ and install it then click on it on webpages with floating video to turn them off. Both methods stop the extremely annoying floating video feature used on the Daily Mail and Planet F1 websites. The toggle javascript button is the easiest method.


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(Disabling JavaScript from about:config, while it may work, is not likely to be a viable solution.
There has been a method posted in these parts.
And if I hit a few more sites that do that crap, floating video, I'll look it up & make that change ;-).)

Maybe I was thinking of this, Is there a way to stop floating videos?
With it basically saying to use adblock & set up a filter to block the bugger.
Perhaps again not too viable if you're hitting many sites that float, but should work well if you regularly visit a site that is bugging you.
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Developers also plan to bring a stop auto play feature to Firefox this year.


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Moving to Firefox General...
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using any adblocker could help out:

i also dont recommend to use a javascript switch, being more granular

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tomatoshadow2 wrote:Developers also plan to bring a stop auto play feature to Firefox this year.

That would be nice. The auto-play videos at have just recently become a problem for me, and I'm looking for solutions.

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Didn't you already find multiple solutions for the daily mail site?


My solution still works for me.

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