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I work with many subfolders, into which I need to move conversations/threads as they appear and continue. Currently I can either drag a conversation or message into the correct folder, or right click on message and "Move to ->" and descend into the fairly deep folder structure. This is unavoidable for the first message in a conversation, but I want to optimize it for subsequent messages in the same thread.

Ideally, the context menu would be populated with a "Move to [folderName]", where folderName is a suggestion of a folder where other messages of the same thread already are located. I know that this information must be somewhere, since I also can "Open message in Conversation", and see the folder(s) where other messages are located.

Is there any extension that could do this or something similar?
If not, which I suspect, would it be simple to create such an extension? If so, can someone point me to a couple of keywords and resources so I could look into creating one myself?

So far I only use a crude way to increase the number of items in the "Move to recent ->" submenu, by modifying some of the program resources. While it helps, it is less than optimal in method and result.


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There are a couple of extensions that could be what you are looking for. Here's one -- ... il/?src=ss Also search that page for others with the term "file" in the name or description.

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I don't know of any function or add-on that are "dynamic" to the point of being thread sensitive. But has Dan points out there are add-ons which can speed folder access. ... d-folders/ is another

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The recent folder list is stored in the panacea.dat file. (mail folder cache)

You can increase the number of folders in the recent folder list with an extension

More info: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=2710625

Here is how to remove a single folder from the recent folder list.

* select folder
* open error console in developer tools
* copy and paste code into error console
* press enter to run
* restart thunderbird

Code: Select all
GetFirstSelectedMsgFolder().setStringProperty("MRMTime", "");

Error Console command line

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