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Since I changed the topic... ignore the original post below.

One of my problematic spammers has a signature and the spam BODY filter doesn't automatically catch the spammer's name Dylan Whitehouse... but it does when I run the filter manually. Is this because the signature is outside the BODY html tags?


I don't see a Thunderbird request forum so I'll post here.

Over the past few months I've gotten on two new spam lists (no I never sign up for ANY lists)... and while the old filters were able to deal with most of the spam automatically... they now don't. Current filters were for domain names.... but one spammer constantly creates new .com nonsense name domains that aren't yet flagged on the server level. One spammer sends from those new top level domains like .party and .bid.

But trying to find common features in the spam to create filters... two new filters will help.

One is a filter for REPLY TO. Much of the spam has a REPLY TO one of those new top domain names like .bid.

Another filter is for content in a signature. One other spammer always lists a unsubscribe name and address... but the BODY content filter doesn't seem to catch it because it's outside the BODY html tag and must be in a signature section. So a signature filter might help.

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Moving to Thunderbird Support...
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Just so things are clear, this forum is not run by or formally associated with Mozilla. We're an independent user-helping-user community.

There is only limited development being done on Thunderbird so additional filter criteria may not be something we'll see any time soon. Still, you could check to see if a bug report (a term also used for feature requests) already exists and, if not, create one -- ... nt-1173083

You can add a custom header element to the filters by using the "Customize" choice at the bottom of the list of filter options.
For the signature, I don't have an answer for you at this time.

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Thanks for responding Dan. It'd be unfortunate if development on TBird stalled or ended. Maybe I should change the name of the thread.

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