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I am using seamonkey 2.49.2 in Puppy Linux

Whenever i send an email from seamonkey mail I get a window that opens up entitled " HTMLMail Question" asling whether I'd like to send in html or plain text... The size of this window is too small to incorporate the "Cancel" and "Send" buttons. One has to manually enlarge the window each time.

Can anyone tell me how to make the default window a bit bigger so as to see all of the contents?

I would have liked to include screenshots of my problem but I can't find anywhere on this forum page to do so.


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Moving to SeaMonkey Support...

This is how to post an image here...
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Please keep them to around 600 x 500 or so or just post the [img] link.
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Are you able to drag (a corner of) the dialog screen to enlarge it?
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