Seamonkey 2.40, 2.46 apparently has a memory leak

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Post Posted March 9th, 2018, 9:33 pm

To cenkron & therube.

I definitely do not have the flash plugin installed.

The only 2 plugins installed in my system are:-
Gnome Shell Integration;
& iTunes Application Detector.

To cenkron, you are prejuidced against flash.

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I have aubmitted a bug report to bugzilla.mozilla .org

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Seriously there is nothing in the bug which can be used as a starting point. Don't mean to give offence but the reproduction scenario is basically "I watched the rain fall and in the end everything was wet".

Did you try safe mode or a new test profile to see if it is add-on or plugin related?

Do you run a script and adblocker? If not do so. There is so much junk being added by third party scripts it will usually bring the browser to its knees after some time. Until Gecko/Spidermonkey does a better job here not much which SeaMonkey can do.

Check about:memory to see if you spot something. There is also a comparision function included but I must admit I never used it. Just don't see these problems with my setup.

As a last resort even try to crash the browser. (back up your profile before):

Tools->Web Development->Scratchpad

Type/CopyPaste and run:

let zero = new ctypes.intptr_t(8);
let badptr = ctypes.cast(zero, ctypes.PointerType(ctypes.int32_t));

Post crash-id. In any case I don't have high hopes that it can be fixed for 2.49 and is probably not even a SeaMonkey but Gecko bug/feature.

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