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Hi, =; :)

I am posting here after searching the French Forum "Espace Geckozone" here As they couldn't help me [-X they advised me to try an English speaking forum. So here I am 8-)
After a search here on the Forum I didn't find any related subjects. I hope making this new topic isn't contrary to any forum rules. Please feel free to move it if it is not in the right section.

I use a font called Roboto in my graphical identity (I run an architectural firm). It is quite common and works on any browser. It is declined in several different ways :
Roboto Black
Roboto Light
Roboto Lt
Roboto Medium
Roboto Thin

In all my different softwares these font variants are accessible \:D/ But in Tbird they are missing. It seams to me that this means the fonts are installed on my computer but absent in Tbird :?
Is there a way to make these appear in the roll down font menu, do I have to manually install them ?

Thanks in advance for your science and time


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Moving to Thunderbird Support.

See if this article is helpful in your case -- ... underbird/


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Is Roboto installed under Windows or does only the browser know about it? Look in the fonts control panel to find out. It's not realistic to expect Thunderbird to use a font that the operating system doesn't support.

I found . Looking at ... indows-10/ I think I understand how to download a .zip file with the font. It wasn't obvious just looking at the Roboto fonts web page.

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Good evening,

I'm so very sorry not having been back to you or trying out your solutions O:) I am having serious family problems and couldn't get around to it ](*,)
I promise I will search for solutions and post whatever I have found.

Please excuse me for disappearing :bday: :turn-l:
I will come back

Have a great weekend you all

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