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Post Posted February 26th, 2018, 7:37 pm

We have transformed all accounts to maildir ... mbox had a very big problem: some time TB has destroyed the data files (then the list of mails disapear on mouse over (it is like an eraser in a drawing programm) ... this after the update of TB to the version with maildir.

We have not fund any help to make at new that TB does not erase mails.

Then wie have changed from mbox to maildir ... now TB does not destroy again the files.

Maildir has some bugs ... when Mails are mouved in the SPAM folder the entry in the TB index seems not to be deleted ... the mail stays in the origin folder but only the name of the mail. When I go th the mail, TB displays that the mail can not be read.

If I try to move some mails together in an other folder, then TB does nothing if there is one of these mails who does only exist in the index but where the file is deleted. (I think this is a issue of the compact folder function who does not exist when we use maildir (= the entry exists in the index but the mail was destroyed).

This issue causes also problems for some add-ons like doublicate remover alternate.


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