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Forgive me if this has already been addressed ... search results didn't turn up anything relevant.

Using the latest release of Firefox on a Power Macintosh.

Even though my prefs are set to 'save history' and I am accepting cookies, plus I am NOT using private browsing ... my history is a blank page.

I must say that this has been going on for a 2 or 3 of months ... before the flurry of daily updates from Firefox.

I read somewhere to trash a certain .plist file in the Firefox folder on my hard drive. Couldn't even find that.

Instead, I trashed Firefox altogether, rebooted my computer then downloaded and installed a fresh version.

Set up my prefs and began surfing.

History not being saved.

Any suggestions?


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Tap /Firefox/Preferences/Privacy&Security/History/Firefox will: -set this to Use custom settings.
At the bottom of the list which shows is Clear History when Firefox closes - to the right is Settings.
If you click on this it shows what of History is cleared when Firefox closes
You can un-check the Clear History check box or use the settings.
This list of settings should also show up when you click on "History" in the Menu Bar and hit Clear History.
There's an additional setting "Time range to clear " in the panel which shows.
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