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HEY newbee here but hopefully in right section uh last year i noticed the pic your search engine feature and mostly i do not like any but google or ask jeeves . well am i wronge when i say i thought that there was listed in the list a seach engine with a small red heart that after checking seemed to be named iloveitaly ( i love italy) it was touted as a google killer wen opened it had about 400 sites positioned on a transparent blue background it had some defunct reference to p2p sites and much more hs this site ran afowl of the rules . My situation being that i thought it was in the list but truthfully maybe i had somehow added it to the list well well much later i messed my pc up nuthing to do with that search engine to make it short i reinstalled and i having been able to find the search engine with the little red heart icon it has disappeared.... i had become very attached to having its useful links to find more likes does anyone know what i am referring to here ? i did not dream this but alas it seems a puzzle


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You must have added that engine because it was never a default option in Firefox.


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Yeah I imagine you added it in somehow, do you remember if any add-on you have or had added it for you?

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