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I have just got myself a 49" 4k monitor. I intended to work on the bottom half of the screen and use the top half for reference material.

When I open a new Thunderbird window (for example, when replying) it automatically opens at 0,0. Which is a long way away.

Is there a way that I can configure the position of new windows.


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I really have no idea. On my computer (with two 1920 x 1200 screens on a Windows 10 platform), the main Thunderbird windows always open in the same place and the "Reply to" or "New message" window opens a little bit inside the main one (something like 150 px right and 50 px down). So I suspect it is either an issue specific to Linux or the screen is so large that one or more variables are out of bounds and reset to zero.
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Its normally up to the windows manager or desktop environment (a superset of a windows manager), under Linux. As an example describes what to do if you use twm as the windows manager. ... ow-manager ... plays.html

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