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Post Posted October 23rd, 2017, 10:20 am

A developer would really like you to get the regression range, per viewtopic.php?p=14771114#p14771114


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"(this is the memory usage Daily = Thunderbird 64bits ...)"
You seem to keep using a untested build not meant for general use and then complain that a developer is needed to investigate your problems. I repeat my suggestion that you use the normal 32 bit production build.

"The memory usage (when the probleme comes up is about 7,5% (of 4 Gb) Total memory usage is about 84%"
See if the problem occurs with a production build. If it does see ... e_Problems . Its a pain to go through its long checklist, but it's very thorough.

"Please ask a developer to get in contact to me "
No. Please stop asking. They don't do user support. The best way to get them involved is to run the mozregression test against production builds that wsmwrk pointed you to and supply that information as part of a bug report.

Daily builds are untested. They are not meant to be used by normal users. If you insist on using them and want to complain/ask for help, do that in the Thunderbird Builds forum.

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Post Posted October 23rd, 2017, 11:03 am

(Note, the user had already stated "We have tryed the last TB Version", and "also tried if the problem is solved if I use the safe mode." )

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Again: the problem cames up after an update of the genuine Thunderbird version (probably after the 1st version where is implanted the possibility for the new data file system) Do to the fact that the problem is a problem what can not be solved by users I have not fund any intelligent solution from this side. THis is a programm code issue ... not a "how does I do" problem.

Doe to the fact that I have not fund the needed help ... I have seek for other solutions.

I have tried Sea Monkey ... i have stated that Sea Monkey (who seems to be a remake of an old TB version) has not any problem with the concerned profile. I have not fund an old TB version ... but I think that the problem will also not come up with an ols TB version.

But it is not really a solution to use an old TB version. The developpers of TB must know that there is a problem and solve the problem.

Do to the fact that I do not find that an old TB version is really a solution I have seek for other solutions ... I have fund that there is a 64 Version of TB ....

I have fund this 64 Bit version trough Mozilla and I had the feeling that this is an official 64-bit Version of TB.

I have installed then the 64-bit version of TB (by caution) on a new computer where I do nor be in risk to have problems if this Version is not clean.

I have installed the Installation of this 64-bits version ... and while the installation I have seen crazy things ... the install screens are the same as by TB but there is not stated that I install thunderbird ... but Daily. I have think that this is perhaps a malware ... but I have continued to install "Daily". Then I have verified (with a test profile) that this "Daily - TB" does not have installed malware or other wrong things.

I had only one problem: Daily will immediately install an update ... and this update fails (probably the update is a 32-bit version of TB and can not update the 64-bit version of tb.

I am a high grade information-technology expert ... I know all the hitches who are used by people to betray the users ... and I am very unhappy that Mozilla do not made all his possible to avoid that people create doubts with such ways to handle. If a person creates a clone of a program then he must clearly say that this is not the original. No one does use a thunderbird version to make "sea monkey" or "Daily" who are strictly the same as TB where are only changed some time the name "Thunderbird" in "Daily" or in "Sea monkey".

I have then stated that "Daily" is nothing other as an ordinary Thunderbird who was compiled for 64 bit.

And I have stated, that Daily has the same problems like the new thunderbird versions with thease erased windows.

I have also stated (it is a little bit crazy) that Daily do not have (or has less of) some "warning" screens who are also a big problem of Thunderbird.

Do to the fact that Daily is a TB clone, Daily has the same problems as the genuine TB but for a crazy reason it works better. Also long that TB 32 Bit is not better I continue to use Daily ... but I try some time if the newest TB version was debugged.

The actual TB versions has a lot of bugs who wa not solved by the developers since years. These bugs are also (most time) in Daily do to the fact, that Daily is a TB clone.

This is the list of the biggest bugs of TB:

1 this "mail entries disappear" bug
2 a lot of very "warning" messages who can made that it becomes very problematic to use Thunderbird. (since about one year TB has began to delete some of these wrnings ... but there remains still a lot of)
3 a bug who exists since the beginning of TB ... mails with a picture in it can not be forwarded or answerded bevore the user does not delete the picture ..
4 on TB profiles with multiple accounts TB does not handle correct the sender mail name when the mail is forwarded or when the user gives an answer.

Please take note of the following and apply:

the open source philosophy is based on the idea that the users are the testers of the program and does inform the developers about all issues. Then the developers use these information's to enhance the program and to eliminate the bugs.

Instead of the practice in the commercial software development the role of the users is not to be happy and to buy the program ... in the open source area the users must help the developers to find and to delete bugs.

The fact that I loose my time here to ask the developers to delete the bugs is not a crime but my role as power user.

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Post Posted October 28th, 2017, 11:30 am

What you downloaded and installed is not a clone of Thunderbird but a pre-release (beta) version of Thunderbird. It is the true Thunderbird program but not yet in a ready for release status. The current release version of Thunderbird (52.4.0) is only available for Windows as a 32 bit application.

It is not clear yet that you understand that MozillaZine is not owned by, run by or formally associated with Mozilla.

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I know that MozillaZine is not owned by Mozilla ... MozillaZine is an USER FORUM who seems to try to represent and to help the users. For this it is needed that you have connections with Mozilla.

I have not fund any possibility to contact Mozilla directly ... also not trough the crashed session messages. Mozilla does not work in a serious manner.

Please do not seek the reason of this very big problem of TB in this crazy 64 bit version of TB ... The only advantage of the "Daily" 64-Bit Version of TB is that it seems to be that there are a little bit less of the stupid "Warning" messages of the 32 Bit TB Versions.

Do to the fact that I can run the same profile on 3 computers and with TB or Daily I have now installed the last TB Version on 2 computers ...52.4.0 (32 bits). There is not any change in behalf of the mails who disappears ...

Do to the fact that some users are forced to archive mails this is a very big problem. And I can not accept that the developers of TB does not seek immediately for the reason of this issue.

Correlated to the "Daily" 64 bit Version it is also needed that Mozilla ask strongly all developers who create such versions without the support of Mozilla, to inform clearly all the users that her "version" is NOT a version of the original TB Version. Daily seems to work a little bit better on 64 Bit machines but do to the fact that the developers of "Daily" seems to not have the possibility and not the money to handle correctly her project it seems that they are not able to handle correctly the updates: all available updates of "Daily" does not work (probably the updates are updates of the 32 bit Version) ...

For the moment, I do not delete "Daily" but I think we must find out the reasons for the bug with the mails who disappears on the original TB Version. This is also the reason that I do not use "Sea Monkey" (who is an old TB Version and who does NOT have this problem with the lost mails)

AND .. I have fund out, that Thunderbird does not only erase the mails on the screen ... some time TB destroy also the related file ... I have the feeling, that the file is not deleted when I see that the mails are erased on the screen and then I shut down TB. If I change to an other folder instead of a immediate shut down of TB, the file is erased and empty at the next start of TB.

Do to the fact, that TB gives very stupid names to the folders ... it is very time intensive to seek every time the right file. I am also very unhappy that the developers of TB does not understand that the folder names does have the name of the related email address and in the TB folder-list it is needed that there is a sign who shows that the folder is for a POP or IMAP account.



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Post Posted November 18th, 2017, 3:37 pm

For this it is needed that you have connections with Mozilla.

Obviously, despite your assumption, it's not needed, as we have no connection other than being users of their products.

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