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I guess it is time to throw my hands up and scream Uncle. I hate to bore you with the details but without the details you won't have the road map to help me, if you can.

I use Fiverr (freelance site). On Fiverr you can add a demo video and they have the feature that allows you to choose your video thumbnail image. Easy enough to do, watch video, pause, press the "submit preview button".

I tried updating the video thumbnail for two demo videos I have on Fiverr.

I have 3 browsers. Chrome, Pale Moon, Firefox. When I try to view my videos in Fiverr I still see the the old video thumbnail using Firefox. However, when I ask my friends what video thumbnail they see with firefox, they see the updated one...

Chrome and PaleMoon shows the updated thumbnial images.

To add insult to injury, when I try to add a URL shortcut on my desktop with Firefox, it shows a blank (all white) icon. The shortcut still works when I click them.


1. Cleared cache and cookies a thousand times

2. Did the reset (refresh) thing in Firefox a thousand times

3. Unintsalled and reinstalled firefox . Even did a clean install.

4. Changed my Firefox profile

5. Reinstalled windows 7 thinking that the problem may be with windows -- it still could be since I did a Repair Reinstall which usually copies and expands your current settings during install.

6. Did the rebuild thing with Iconcache.db several times

7. Read and tried other things from the net but nothing worked.

So not sure if the problem I'm having lies with my browser or windows 7. However, Pale Moon browser seems to display things correctly. After a full two days of trying to figure out how to fix this problem, I'm starting to see double and maybe I'm missing the obvious. Why my friends see the updated Video Thumbnails in firefox and I don't bugs me.

So the questions are: is the browser the problem? is windows the problem? or both?

Any thoughts, or suggestions would be appreciated.

Oh...I should mention that I did contact Fiverr Support but they see the updated thumbnails as well. I wish I could say the problem is with Fiverr but when Support and my friends see the updated thumbnails and I don't, I don't think the problem lies with Fiverr but with me and my crazy computer or browser


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Moving this to Firefox Support...
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Use Firefox's built-in Network Inspector tool, from its Developer Tools, to find out exactly what file the website servers are sending you for the thumbnail in question. That will tell you if it's coming from
Ff's cache or not, and you can grab the file and examine it thoroughly. Do the same (or have someone else do it) for a browser that shows a different image. If they are different, ask the website
why they are sending different images when they are supposed to be the same.

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