Does Firefox's default siteblocker work like antivirus soft?

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Good morning every users and thank you for access here. I want to ask you about security feature,which are included to Firefox Windows Edition for blocking dangerous sites.

I want to disable site blocking feature provided by antivirus software installed my PC. It is providing me many blocking at safe sites.
I guess that these websites are judged as dangerous site because they are not famous sites over the world.

So I want to disable only Site blocking feature of my antivirus.
Now I am having a question about Firefox7s site blocking feature.

[My question]
Is the Firefox site blocking feature able to work instead of siteblocking by antivirus software?

I enabled these check box;Block dangerous and deceptive content, Block dangerous downloads, Warn me about unwanted and uncommon software.
And I will install ublock origin with some malware filters if it's better for keeping security in terms of blocking dangerous websites.

I think that Windows Defender is not including own site blocker feature, and it depends on browser's security feature only in terms of site blocking.
Many antivirus soft (And my soft, too) shows warning message even if I turn off only their site blocking feature (Not Web Scanning. I will use Web traffic (HTTP) scanning).

Can I ignore the warning message and disable site blocker provided 3rd party antivirus software?
I think that the reason of showing the warning message by 3rd parties security solution is for preparing the worst. If the reason only it, there is no problems for keeping security even if I disable site blocking by 3rd parties antivirus.

Mozilla Firefox 53.0.3 64bit
Windows 10 home
I am installing every update-programs of OS, Firefox, and applications at every time.

Please tell me your opinion.
Thank you for your access and I hope join this discussion.


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Firefox doesn't do site blocking except via the Safe Browsing feature.

Is that what you are referring to?

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site blocking depends on googles safe list and the is fed with results from several testing sites, mostly what is know or alerted to google is blocked - nothing more. it just add a piece of security but it can not replace any current antivirus. BUT - you should not relay on antivirus behaviour nor its extensions - those are not reliable and often they cause more trouble than they should resolve.

in fact: decent ad-blocker+script-blocker eliminate most common issues with adware or malware if not wrong configured.
an active antivirus should keep an eye on downloads and on memory behavior. payload attacks (attacks in memory with javascript and plugins) are common used attack vectors.

i dont like comodo but its sandbox feature is nice for common people, experienced users may use sandboxie. hitman pro or malwarebytes anti-exploit are playing well too -
i would recommend ESET AV or ESET Suite, but thats paid.

note: only one of them should be installed, not 2 or more.

I will use Web traffic (HTTP) scanning).

that is not needed with adblocker/scriptblocker. any other is too intrusive and cause issues - the forum is full with complains about wrong shown websites and firefox is not causing this. modern browser + extensions offer enough security to fight bad formed websites.

downloads depend on you click behavior. use sandboxie or virtual machine to test unknown software.


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Good evening every one. Thank you for answers from you.

To the-edmeister
Yes, the feature,which I told is this...

Thank you for your works. Should I submit the post about security features to "Firefox General"? Excuse me.

To Brummelchen
Thank you for your kindly answer.
I read it and I decide to use Antivirus software,without own "Site blocking" and the latest Firefox with ublock origin included enabling some filters.

I have heard that it is no or very few problems for making secure PC to use good extensions like ublock origin for the first time.
And I was surprised that it's not good to relying 3rd parties antivirus soft for keeping secure PC.
But I will use only Antivirus because I can not remove my worrying about low detection score of Windows Defender. So I will turn off Browser scanner and list based blocker provided by antivirus.

Thank you for many advises! I appreciate you.
See you.

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