Why not block CPU-intensive content by default?

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yong321 wrote:Why not block CPU-intensive content by default? ... I mean auto playing videos, flashes, animated GIFs, low-interval Javascript-controlled image frames which simulate animated GIFs, etc. I can install various ad blockers to block some so that *I* control whether to play them.

If I open a page, then I want to access that page's content. I don't have to green-light the content to load, because the moment I decided to open the page I was already ordering its content to load. If you don't want certain content to load, then don't open pages with it in the first place! It's not the browser that has to block content to its users, it's you, you have to stop visiting pages you dislike.

Now you're going to say that you like some of the content that pages have, just not certain parts of their content. Sort it with the website providers! It's not the browsers function to make good websites. Precisely instead of bothering to make this thread here, you should have taken your considerations at, as in the example that you gave,'s team, feedback page, forums, whatever, so that they fix their website in accordance with your view--their users' views. For me and many others, automatically blocking content is disastrous.

For example with music, in the past, all we had to do was to open a tab (a YouTube music video, a SoundCloud page, a Newgrounds audio page or pages from so many other websites). We would open that tab in the background and have the songs start playing once the page had finished loading. Now, songs will not start playing unless we take the time to bother to uselessly visit those tabs to manually get the songs to play, since they were blocked. It can only be done after waiting for the pages to load their layout and load the content! You can no longer just click a link and let it load.

With anything else the problem is the same. Try with games. There are millions of them and millions of people playing. For example, we would open an Armor Games web game in a background tab, and while it loaded both the page and the game, we would do some some quick task not to waste the time (instead of staring at the page doing nothing while it loads--you could be one of the many many super slow users out there on the computer who waste a lot of time waiting instead of using up all of their time). Then when it finished loading we would move to the tab and play the game. In the case of music, the tab would never be visited, because it's for background music. Thanks to your outrageous blocking, content will not start playing unless I take the time to bother to uselessly visit those tabs to manually order the content to play, but only after waiting for them to load their layout and enough of the content to get a play button, since I can't just click a link and instantly give it permission to load.

Many people are pissed off at Chrome and with this coming to Firefox from what I read (I'm on Portable, it's not the latest version)... Its terrible!


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ThePhenomenon, you seem to be assuming that every user knows what the content of every visited site will be BEFORE they visit that site. That's an unlikely scenario, even on pages that have been visited before, the content may be changed by the time of the next visit..

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yong321 wrote:... Mostly, I want to block auto playing videos. Tried a couple of AD blockers. They seem to cause memory and CPU issues of their own. I bet a FF that comes with its own blockers wouldn't have such issues.

Do those "AD blockers" have names you can share? I use ublock origin on both Firefox and Chrome with extremely stringent default settings, making exceptions as I see fit. No memory or CPU issues of significance.

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