How to update FF on Android 6.0.1?

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Several months ago, I installed FF48 on my Samsung phone Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Since then, I've been regularly clicking the update button, but I always get "no update available". I see that the latest FF version is now 50.1.0. Any idea how I can update?

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Which release channel are you using - only Nightly and Aurora (when installing the APK from use the inbuilt updater. Beta and Release update via the Play Store, so you either need to look there or else download a new APK and manually install it.

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Thank you so much for the reply! =D>
Just went to Google Play store, the regular FF showed the update button ... and less than a minute later, I have FF 50.1.0!!!

Here is what I used to do when trying to update: Settings > about FF > Click on check for updates button ... and that's when I would get no update available.
Pretty dumb to have an update button built-in if it doesn't work. Anyway, thank you so much for your help.


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I have version 51.0 dated January 24, 2017

Go to "About Firefox" and then tap "Release Notes". Scroll the page to see the actual version installed.

Maybe check in Android Settings --> Applications ---> Application manager ---> Firefox and then under Notifications, check to make sure it reads "Allowed".

Also check Android Settings ---> Applications ---> Default Applications and at the top where it says "Browser App" that it reads "Firefox" underneath.

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@Reflective: The inbuilt updater is definitively inoperative on Release and Beta, and probably on Aurora as well if you've installed it via the Play Store.

As for 50.1.0 vs 51.0 - the staged roll out has been temporarily halted because of a surge in startup crashes on certain devices.


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Firefox Mobile 51.0.2 update on GooglePlay :) ... easenotes/

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I wonder whether it is possible to use the built-in updater for release versions of Firefox mobile that were downloaded from

The reason is, I do not want Google infrastructure on my phone, but I would not mind automatic updates in Firefox.

So I thought maybe there is a configuration option (about:config) to enable auto-update also on the release version of Firefox?



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There is not currently an option for release or beta users to download updates without Google Play. Google explicitly bans apps from providing this feature, in 2013 Facebook tried to include a self updater in their app. Google required them to remove the updater portion of the app. See news articles like ... facebooks/

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