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So I've been waiting for the Palm sync capibilities to be fully intergrated into the Calendar/sunbird gig before I kick Outlook's arse out of my pc ... every now and again I'll check around the site to see whats happening. So I surf around and find this link .....

does this mean that some people have it and are helping to debug the thing? Like contributing to the builds and stuff? Call me silly, but I didn't know I could do this ... how do I sign up?

Rod Whiteley

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That bug report is where the work will be tracked if and when the work is done as part of this project. It seems to me that it only contains some discussion around the topic. When work is in progress, a bug usually has attached files containing the code patches.

I wrote "if", above, because calendar sync might be handled by separate projects. There are links to some in the help section: Synchronizing calendars

You can contribute to the main project or any other. You don't have to sign up to do the work. You only have to register to use Bugzilla. Create a bug for the work you plan to do (if it does not already have one). Use the bug to announce what you plan to do, and for discussion with other contributors. Also use the bug to attach code patches for review. Contributions are often criticized, and sometimes rejected.

The main project site has links to information on getting Mozilla source code and building products yourself. Other projects usually have a Bugzilla system that you can use in the same way. If not, ask the project ower how you can contribute.

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Post Posted May 14th, 2005, 1:00 am

oh ... thanks. That explains everything.

thanks again.

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