Pop-up control taken out of the preferences?

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I just installed 1.2.1 right now. I cant find the pop-up section in the preferences anymore. I had 1.2 before, and enjoyed that feature quite a lot. Is it just me that cant find it, or was it really taken out? And why?

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I have noticed that too. Maybe Mozilla thought it wasn't too wise giving a pop-up feature without getting money for the product they make. I have noticed that there is a pop-up frenzy going around now, and I do not think any company is going to supply a pop-up killer, and a working pop-up killer, with their finished (free) copy, because companies probably are now starting to realize that making these pop-up features paid software can be worth some money, however, they might have just missed that feature trying to rush this second of the should been first of the 1.2 version. Either way, I hope they put it in the next version...
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<a href=""></a>

and in several other places as well, take a look around

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