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Post Posted June 25th, 2015, 2:47 pm

Hello: I don't know if this is a moz bleeding edge bug or not, because
-this is on a laptop new to me (still installing stuff);
-it's a macbook (haven't used a mac for 2y);yosemite; but lots of space & real ram;
-I haven't checked if same prob on w7 (dual boot - bootcamp).
But I used earlybird w/daily updates on w8.1 laptop w/o this prob. for mos/yrs (did have a filters prob, back when).
-I have decommissioned the w8.1 laptop so can't check if earlybird works there.
-I don't use stable/beta alternate t-bird. This v. is it.

So now the filters don't work (again?). Just ran earlybird in safe mode & problem still exists. And mac is in fairly good shape, ran OnyX 2 days ago, just because. Advice? And, pending answer, I may run a portable stable v.
Thank you.
Paul L

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