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Post Posted March 30th, 2005, 7:40 pm

I just found out about the calender extension today. Shweet!

Question, I installed it in firefox, then installed it in thunderbird, thinking that it would be running off the same database, but its not. How can I do this? I'd like to be able to access it from which ever program i'm running from the TOOLS/CALENDER option.



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You have to point the calendar location to the same place for both the Fx version and the Tb version.

When you open the calendar, there is the little month on the left hand side with a Calendar and a Calendars tab on top. Click on the Calendars tab, right click the calendar name you want to share between Fx and Tb. Browse to the path of the file that will contain the shared info, or just copy it so you can share it with the other program.

I hope that is understandable. Basically, make the path of the calendar file in both versions point to either the calendar setup in Fx or the one setup in Tb. You may have to restart Calendar after changing the path. It might also ask if you want to import events. I think there is an option to import all. I can't remember, it's been a while since I shared my calendar file between the two.

Calendar files are located in your profile folder if you want to make a backup first. Nudge, nudge.
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Post Posted March 31st, 2005, 1:08 am

As smsmith says, you normally point both Calendar progams at the same data. You can only specify the path when you create a new calendar file. So in one program you must create a new calendar that uses the other program's file.

Only import events if you want to merge two calendar files into one.

If you ever have both programs open at the same time, only use one of them to change the calendars. If you make changes in both programs, you could lose data.

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