[2005-03-29] New Sunbird Nightly Build (Windows only)

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Post Posted March 29th, 2005, 4:35 pm

Hi guys,
I've made a new build available at my site:

<a href=""></a>

This build includes fixes for the following bugs:

<a href="">Bug 286455</a> - Can only see events from one calendar
<a href="">Bug 285012</a> - tooltips for events are empty
<a href="">Bug 279263</a> - Changing Days Off setting doesn't change colors in calendar
<a href="">Bug 285016</a> - can't publish a calendar
<a href="">Bug 285019</a> - import calendar doesn't work
<a href="">Bug 287589</a> - Undefined entity entities in About Sunbird, Extensions, Themes
<a href="">Bug 286228</a> - Cannot create Todo because 'OK' button is grayed out
<a href="">Bug 287985</a> - Can't save task start or due dates
<a href="">Bug 288177</a> - Get rid of embed-sample.jar for toolkit apps
<a href="">Bug 288208</a> - Sunbird default prefs are bloated

This build is pretty buggy and only a preview of things to come. It has some major regressions (new events can't be created, for example) This build is really only for people who like to test some bleeding edge software, file bugs about the issues they find (please search for duplicates first) or verify that some open bugs have been fixed in this build.

If you are looking for a reasonable stable build with a relatively small number of major bugs or for a replacement of the 0.2 release, then this build is definitely not for you.
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