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Post Posted March 27th, 2005, 7:26 am ... rainlendar

I dont use it myself, yet, but it seems author is determined to make ical files work smoothly. Here are some notes from latest release:

iCalendar plugin wrote also done todo-items to the ics-file. Fixed.
ToolTip used always the default font. Fixed.
Imported iCal events were sometimes a day too long. Fixed.
GrowUpwards didn't work correctly with the event list. Fixed.
Changed the file system monitoring in iCalPlugin. It now compares the filesize.
Fixed a memory leak in iCalPlugin.

Did check out older version, works ok - should be very useful for calendar users, extension or Sunbird dont matter. No one have mentioned Rainlendar here or search function dont work. If interested do check out his forum, some info on ical vs moz stuff.

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