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1. I cannot find a way to make the print function active so I can print anything. I have selected a month & day; what else do I need to do.
2. Is there a way to construct a task list that can be printed?


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Dont know for Calendar, but for Sunbird Print function is buggeg and don't work (under Windows)
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I've been using the June build since all others after that have not been able to print:

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has anyone come up with a solution for printing from the Mozilla Calendar? When I hit Print Active Calendar, I get a print preview page showing a perfect looking printout, but have no way at all to print it - I cannot even get print screen to do anything. :-({|=


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The latest RC has the ability to print. But it's allowed if you dont click in the calendar. Restart sunbird and print as the firt action, all is ok.


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