11-01 link to mac calendar doesn't work on first try

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Link for: Install 2005-01-11 ... 050111.xpi

I can confirm I have had this error on two different machines today, with a new installation of Mozilla. When installing Calendar for the first time- I get a 'not found' error with the 01-11 calendar for Mac. It looked like a server error, as in the file wasn't there. (Sorry I didn't take note of the error message, I was in a hurry). The error appeared as a browser page.

This error happened 2x on two different machines.

In order to make calendar work- I went to Google's cache of the calendar download page and installed the December version with no problems. Then, I was able to install the 01-11 version on those two, and it didn't give me a not found error installing oveer dec version.

Strangely, I was also able to install directly on two other machines (all same set-up), and didn't have any error whatsoever. Can't figure out the problem. Can't duplicate it anymore, as I don't have another machine here.

I am using Mac Panther 10.3.7, Mozilla 1.7.5; iBooks and Powerbooks.

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