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How does one publish a calendar to their .Mac account? Anyone using .Mac to publish their calendars with Sunbird?

I can subscribe no problem using: but publishing to this url produces the error
Code: Select all
publishing the calendar file failed.
Status code: 0x8000fff

I thought I remembered previously publishing to a slightly different url using or something similar but have tried several different urls to no avail. I also think I remember having to use a username and password to do this but I no longer see this option in sunbird anywhere when you are creating/editing a calendar file for remote publishing.

Thanks to anyone who has anything to contribute to this.

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That error isn't actually an error. Check on the server if publishing really failed.

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The publishing did in fact fail. I saw that other people had reported this was not truly an error. But in this case it does fail. I will admit this is more likely a misconfiguring of the url for publishing to .Mac than any issue with Sunbird. But I am still hoping there's at least one person who has this working who can confirm for me what the correct url scenario is for publishing to .Mac


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I too would like to know how to publish to .mac. It seems it would be possible but I am having the exact same trouble. Guessing I just am not using the right url address but can't figure it out and don't seem to find answers anywhere I look! I finally went over to axentra and am able to publish and subscribe fine. So if anyone has figured this out please share. Thanks

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