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Hi everybody,

I think the rejecting Popup windows, which are opened via JavaScript is a very useful feature and helps on many sites with many popups, I betcha u guys know what kinda sites that are.
But sometimes I WANT to open a popup windows, because it is implented into the site and I need it for getting further. e.g. some sites require to be started in a javascript window. Now it is very hard to go into the preferences and add all those sites, to let them do their popups, since I dont go to them very often.

I think a feature (for example in the PrefBar the extension I mean) would be VERY useful for disabling the Popup windows via a little Menu or a Shortcut by keyboard. I saw a screenshot of the new Mozilla and saw something in the JavaScript options: "Reject unwanted Popoups only" or so it was. Don't know what it does but it sounds good :) I think it is hard to distinguish if u want a popup window (so if u clicked on a link to get to it) or if its run by the site...

Anyhow I hope somebody sees this thread and tells me what he thinks about it.



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On any site that uses popups, if you keep your Status Bar viewable at the bottom of your screen, you will see an exclamation point in a circle. This indicates that Phoenix just blocked some popups. Double-click that icon, and a list of sites from which popups were blocked will appear. You can then choose to accept pop-ups from a specific site (whitelisting). I think this will cover what you want.

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didnt know that thank you! I still like the button idea but this works out too.


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I'd like it if you could, for example, right click on the exclamation icon to pop the popup up this one time, but not whitelist it.

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