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Say I want to remove the last part of a URL -- a query string or part of a path, for example. Clicking on it seems to select the address in such a way that it can only be dragged away as a shortcut. I'm forced to click again to deselect the whole URL before I can select the suffix I want to kill.

In IE, I can click on the URL (it is then entirely selected), and then I can drag from the middle to make a smaller selection. In Phoenix, when I drag from the middle, I find myself dragging a shortcut to the URL. I'd prefer the IE behaviour; I more frequently edit URLs than make shortcuts to them. I would expect to drag the icon to create a shortcut.

I can see how some might like the current behaviour, so could this be made into a configurable option?


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There's a bugzilla report on this one to get fixed rather than preffed I believe. :)

- Chris


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benp, Phoenix actually saves you one click. If you want to highlight a query string or another part of an URL, just do so straight away. You don't have to make that first click to completely highlight the URL like in IE.

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if you want to remove the last part of a url then you might like the Digger extension. get it from

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