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15" 2018 Macbook Pro 10.15.7 Catalina
Firefox 91.0 (64-bit)
bgcolor is not activated in tables, ie

<td align="right" bgcolor="#FFFF90"> 14.6A </td><td align="center">WARNING - over 14A</td>
I also have a whole host of display issues, mainly cookie popups.
Usually the cookie popup simply refuses to go.

Also shows a blank screen.
Viewing source (command U) works first time.
However if the same link loads different data, <command U> source doesn't change.
The only way to display is to zap cached data.
It usually fails to display page source of RSS xml. I have to use Safari.
I have used Firefox since the year dot, mainly as my mind is programmed to it, and all the shortcut keys.
Oh yes - one shortcut now is hard.
<rightclick a> used to copy links.
Now it is <rightclick c enter>
A real pain when I am copying hundreds sometimes in a days work.
I use it all the time for my work, where I view page source particularly a very great deal.
However I will have to abandon it if these serious bugs are not sorted.

I have a 12" travel laptop with a very old Firefox, and it works perfectly.
Too small though for day to day use!
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Posts: 53
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Missing colour info solved. I didn't do it, but high contrast mode was enabled on my Macbook.

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