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When I run an online report one of our suppliers in Firefox or Chrome, all the dates are one day off . Iexplorer is ok. This only happens on one PC. They told me it is a problem with the PC but could not tell me what it is.

This is what I mean:

Iexplorer shows the correct date:
Order Date
2244E4 5/01/19

Firefox/Chrome show:
Order Date
2244E4 4/30/19

Firefox is first time install. Deleted system and user temp files. I already cleared all data and settings on Chrome, uninstalled and reinstalled.

Thank's for your help


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Have you checked the system clock?
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Thank's for your help,

system clock and time zone looked to be set ok. I still went ahead and changed them and then change them back, ran the reports and they look good!!!! Something went funny with windows I guess.

I Appreciate your support

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