How is this site remembering after everything cleared?

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Post Posted January 10th, 2019, 5:57 pm

Firefox 64.0.2. Started with clean profile (i.e. profile folder emptied). Changed Options > Privacy & Security > History from default to "Use custom setting for history". Checked "Clear history when Firefox closes", went into its settings and checked everything (per the following picture for clarity):


Went to Typed something in search box, picked a suburb and closed Firefox.

Reopened Firefox, went back to, and the search box is pre-filled with the same suburb. WTF? How does that happen with the above settings?

On startup, the Cookies and Site Data > Manage Cookies and Site Data list is empty. The Control Panel > Flash Player (32-bit) > Local Storage Settings by Site list is empty, as is its online equivalent.

However, it seems something isn't getting cleared in the Firefox profile. On startup, the Cookies and Site Data list is empty, but it reports a small amount of disk space in use. If I use Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data > Clear, then voila! That site no longer shows my last search.

But it should be fully clearing that on exit if things are set as above, right? So is it a bug, or am I missing something about how it's meant to work?

Reproduced on two separate systems (Windows 10 and 8.1).


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They could be using a supercookie ... upercookie
I know use some pretty aggressive methods after a over talkative real estate agent boasted about what they could do
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Heard about those and other methods. But this one seems to be Firefox not quite working right, based on what I observed. Using Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data > Clear, or deleting the profile, or setting "never remember history", all prevent the search being remembered.

But "clear history when Firefox closes" seems to be falling short. With the above settings, shouldn't it be having the same effect as Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data > Clear? Just want to make sure my understanding is correct before taking it to Bugzilla.

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about:preferences#privacy -> Cookies and Site Data -> Keep until => Firefox is closed
seems work so far.

To be weird, performing Sanitizer.runSanitizeOnShutdown() in Browser Console works as expected.(clearing history manually works as well)
There may be something race-condition or such on real shutdown(exit browser)...
Another odd behaviour(for me) is
Clear Recent History(cookies) with Everything does delete the search string, but Clear Recent History(cookies) with time range(Today or Last...) doesn't delete it.
The search string is stored in Local Storage(webappsstore.sqlite) btw, ot.

Hmm, it seems that 60esr and 61.0 don't have this issue, but 62.0 or later have...
Unfortunately, mozregression failed to figure out.
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Suspected bug:
1462662 - Wipe the container for privacy.usercontext.about_newtab_segregation.enabled on shutdown
The issue seems not occur when privacy.usercontext.about_newtab_segregation.enabled = false. (this pref itself was added by 1457929 - Enable privacy.usercontext.about_newtab_segregation.enabled)

BTW, this is definitely a regression bug. Don't hesitate to submit a bug report.
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could be remembering by ip

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