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What is with the chewing up of resources? I have FF 57 with 1 tab on the WashingtonPost and I am using 7GB of memory. Yesterday I had an instance using 13GB+ with 4 tabs open. New NoScript is the only Add-on. This is a new clean install of Win 10 and FF 57. Closing tabs does not release. CPU spike also. Had this same issue on another laptop with the Developer version. That DID crash on me. If open the same set of tabs in Chrome, Edge or Vivaldi the memory usage is a fraction. What gives.


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I have a hard time believing you were using 7 GB of RAM with one tab open. Are you sure you read it right? How much RAM do you have available?

See if your usage drops to what you would consider "normal" or "in line with expectations" after turning off hardware acceleration.

Tools -> Options -> General, Performance. Turn off the checkbox for "Use recommended performance settings" and then turn off the checkbox that appears for "Use hardware acceleration when available". Close and restart Firefox. Some people claim they have needed to restart their computer to make the change become effective. Monitor your RAM usage and see how it compares. If it continues to perform poorly, try changing the content process limit to a lower number.

What kind of computer are we dealing with here? Specs for CPU, RAM, video card, etc. How old is it?
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Yes I read it correct. I can replicate it. I will post up screen shots a little later. This is newer Lenovo T -series laptop that I use for development. i5, 16GB RAM, 1GB discrete video, SSD drive. I just reloaded Windows 10 1709 clean and the FF 57 was clean. Yes, I have disabled hardware acceleration for FF and running in safe mode has the same issue. The memory will creep up and CPU usage will be very active often in the 50-70% range. Last night I killed the FF process and it was using 13GB +. As I noted on my other machine i was I had similar issue with the Dev beta version on FF before 57 was released. Since I use it for dev work I keep the cache flushed cookies dumped.


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What AV do you have? (if any)
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Are you using Containers?
NoScript 10 has had reports of high or spiking CPU usage (though I'm not really following, so don't know if its something actually attributable to NoScript?).

Thinking you've got to set up a new, clean test Profile - no extensions, visit your pages & see what gives.

(Heh, I've never even seen 13 GB, but would think it would be performing quite awfully.)

I happen to be on a Win10 machine myself, OMG don't even get me started on that, & I am seeing totally unexplained behaviors, SLOW actions; keyboard movement, program loads & operations, taskbar tray opening... Part of that may have to do with, some gawd awful 4.4 GB of who knows what that turned up in some $WINDOWS.~BT directory, & I think another copy of same that is in System Volume Information. And the worst part is whatever is going on seems to be exacerbated by one of the greatest programs ever, Everything. (And that really sucks cause Everything is great at finding files, big files, recently mod'd files... & with it I could tell you in a second where & what exactly the other copies of what I mention earlier are. But as it is...)
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